Wally Linebarger

“wblArtist III”

(Walter Bert Linebarger III)


Specialties:  Paintings in Oils, Acrylics, Latex, Watercolors and Mixed-Media, Murals, Wall Surfaces and Art Restoration



“Eclipse”   30″ x 40″  Oils, Recovered items, Collage on Canvas  2017


Summer of 2017 005

“Passion on the Rocks”  38″ x 58″  oils on canvas  2017



Snow Trees _1 001

“Snow Tree Series #1” 24″x 48″ oils on canvas  2016




“Snowscape”  30″x40″  oils on canvas 2010



I am presently working on a series of canvasses based on inspirations from living in this beautiful land of hills, hay bales, trees everywhere and the Missouri River and bluffs surround me.


“Missouri Hay Bales #2”  30″x40″  oils on canvas  2012


Please contact the artist for special requests and commissions.  My prices are based on the artistic value of the work as well as time and cost of materials.

I hope you enjoy my website which I call “Working Out the Kinks.”  I would love any feedback.


I am an artist, a writer and a retired educator living in a rather familiar yet “foreign” environment – my hometown!  I moved to Dallas in 1970 as a teenager to attend Southern Methodist, to be a painter living the rest of my days in New York City or Madrid, vowing never to return to Missouri where even my best friends told me I didn’t fit in.

In 1972 I enrolled in SMU-in-Spain for a semester.  We first spent a week in Paris absorbing the art, culture, food and to get to know each other. There were 45 students in the program plus several professors.  We travelled by train to Barcelona for a two week orientation program. After that we moved into our apartments in Madrid attending the Instituto de Cultura Hispanica on the University of Madrid campus.

After returning to Dallas I encountered the phenomenal Ann McGee-Cooper, Head of the Art Education Department at SMU.  She was the one who encouraged me to be a teacher.  I never wanted to be a teacher even though I had enjoyed being a camp counselor at the YMCA Day Camp for two years.  While receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting I asked myself, “What next?”  An artist can make either zero dollars or millions of dollars a year based on talent, contacts, timing, luck and maybe fate.  Somehow talent, contacts, timing, luck and maybe fate led me to get a Master of Fine Arts in Art Education and be an art teacher.

Walt Whitman0002

I lived in Dallas, Texas, for over thirty years and Stony Brook, New York, for one year teaching art in a variety of venues. I moved back home several years ago, intending to stay but a few months to get my life back together after being in a state of free fall for the previous five years.  In spite of my vow “never to return,” I fell in love with the fertile land of the Ozarks – the forever green trees and moistness in the earth.  Jefferson City was also named “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America” by Rand-McNally.

Most Beautiful Small Town in America

Copy (2) of Wally at Mindscapes Gallery at Capital Mall 2007

I managed a gallery of my artwork at the local mall during the holiday season.  Because of selling most of those paintings I was able to actually support myself for a year.  I had finally achieved my working artist goal which I had wanted when I was first in college.  I now work out of a studio located in my home in Jefferson City.

Featured Image -- 1824

In addition to my art I have included my writings which many are “works in progress,” since I am constantly editing and reviewing my exact thoughts and memories:


“The Kill Team/WWII – My Father the War Photographer” is a true story about my father.

Self Portrait
“Self Portrait:  THE CHEATIN’ KIND”   18″ x 24″  Mixed media with collage

“Losing Things: A Self Portrait” is an autobiographical story in progress. Chapters 1-4 have been published so far.  Updates are published every two-three months.



“Wally” is a film by Andy Galloway.

Andy Galloway just completed his Master of Film degree from University of North Texas.  He is a former student  at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas (Class of ’88).

Showings are presently in progress around the country at film festivals and selected cities.  A calendar of showings will be available soon.  This film is Andy’s work of art not mine.  It’s not a glowing documentary of my successes in teaching, but it deals with how my being fired at Trinity Christian Academy – Addison for being gay affected my daughters who attended there as well as how it affected me.  I wish my story could be all glowing and wonderful, but it isn’t.  Andy has taken just one part of my life which deals with pain, honesty and catharsis.  I am proud of my daughters and others in my life who have learned to overcome the wounds of embarrassment and rejection. “Wally” is a story filled with a plethora of people who love me and accept me for who I am.   For that I am thankful and glad to still be alive.  It’s been a very winding path for me, and it’s not over.

Trailer for “Wally”


The inspirations of my life:  My Daughters: Catherine, Karen and Sarah, who are the true stars of the film, “Wally.”


 Catherine Linebarger (Los Angeles), Karen Padecio (Dallas) and Sarah Linebarger (New York City)






  1. They don’t begin to sum up the complexity of you Wally, but your statements give a peek at what your autobiography will include….well done. I love this piece of art too

    1. Thank you Polly for taking time to check this out. Did you happen to read any of the other sections listed on the menu above? I am rather concerned that Chapter Two of Working Out the Kinks might be too much for some people… but actually I toned it down a lot from reality.

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