Boy Erased

“Boy Erased,” a film based on a true story in which a teenage boy portrays a fundamentalist Christian attending a gay conversion camp. 

This is my story:

I volunteered to go through conversion therapy through my church in Dallas. After a year of counselling I even allowed my dear missionary friends to put me through a 4-hour exorcism. Of course nothing changed me, as if I hadn’t prayed to be straight for the past 19 years after having a “born again” experience. After all of this I was excommunicated from my church, fired from my job in a Christian school, abandoned by my friends who called me “an abomination to God.”

All this at first caused me to fall into a series of horrible self-destructive events, but one thing remained: my faith in God. God never left me, although many of my Christian friends did. Being gay was never a choice. It was for the most part of my life the greatest fear I have ever faced.

After 27 years I can say that I am at peace with God, with the school and church which cast me out, but most importantly with myself. I wish I could say that all my former friends who cursed me were at peace with me. Some still do not even acknowledge my existence though I may be standing right in front of them with arms outstretched.

This film is important to me and should be to those who think that being gay is a choice. “In a perfect world,” as one wise pastor counselled me, “we might not have been born this way. But this is not a perfect world.”

God bless each of you out there who is going through or gone through this torture. This, too, shall pass… and remember, God, if He is our Creator, created you just the way you are. Celebrate life!!


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A sojourner on a path to find love, peace and happiness.

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