I Am A Footnote



Everytime I try to start writing the story of my life, I can’t figure out where to begin.  There have been so many amazing journeys and I have had some of the most unbelievable experiences.   I have had some of the lowest moments even my psychiatrists would concor. 

I was told once in a heated discussion that my life is just a “footnote” in other peoples’ lives.  I am not the subject but the verb.  I have finally conceded the argument.  You are right, JR, I am just a footnote.


ÓWBLartist 2011
I am just a footnote
In other peoples’ lives
Nothing more than
Just a nod
To the one who gave them flight
It is only fitting
I keep in mind my place
I’m not the one whom others want
To touch and kiss their face
I’m the one
Who made them pretty
I’m the one
Who taught them sight
If only I had the look of fame
I’d be a millionaire tonight
I kind of wish I would have
I kind of thought I could
Be more important to the world
And less of “wish I would”
I am just a footnote
A place at the bottom of the page
Regardless of my place in time
My place grows sweet with age

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