My Dedication and My Legacy – Some of My Former Students

Why I Teach (a video clip from “Wally” by Andy Galloway)

Dedicated to Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper

of Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates






Dearest Ann,

I loved you so much… but you knew that, didn’t you?  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I had never known you.  I yearned for someone like you to direct me in my path of following my dreams.  You were like an angel to me, as well as the greatest teacher I have ever known.  You me offered a world of honesty, beauty and imagination.

I dedicate my career of teaching to you.  You were my mentor who taught me how to help students discover their God-given talents within them.  You are the fairy godmother to all of these students who have been blessed through the channeling of a very special gift of teaching which you bestowed upon me many years ago.

You have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.  I am forever grateful for sharing so many amazing moments with you and your team of ordinary people who became extraordinary through the Experimental Arts Program.

Ann was the Head of Art Education and Director of the Experimental Arts Program at Southern Methodist University.  She was my teacher at S.M.U. for 5 years.  She passed away this past year – 2016 – from a long fight with breast cancer. 

Ann’s obituary and personal life history published in The Dallas Morning News

The Experimental Arts Program, Southern Methodist University (a history and description)

An assortment of some of Ann’s books.  I helped her with the one on the right:  “Time Management for Unmanageable People”



“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”

– e.e. cummings



Photos of me when I was teaching with the Experimental Arts Program, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 1971-75



The following are just some of my former students who continued on the path of creativity and the human spirit…



Stevie Ray Vaughan / Musician

I taught Steve drawing in the Experimental Arts Program located at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, in 1973.

That Special Student (a video clip from “Wally” by Andy Galloway



“Riviera Paradise” by Stevie Ray Vaughan



This is a photo of Steve (that’s what I called him) during the time I taught him in the high school drawing class of the EAP.  He used to stay after class and help me clean up.  Once he asked me if he could bring his guitar.  “Of course.  I play the guitar, too.”  I wasn’t prepared for what I heard when he first played for me while we sat in the hallway outside the art ed classroom at SMU.  Needless to say I had no desire to play anything on my guitar for him.  He blew me away from the very first time I heard him play. 

The rest of the story is in the poems below which I wrote for him after his death.  I never knew that the Steve Vaughan I used to teach in high school was the world renowned blues singer-guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan until I received a call from “Texas Monthly Magazine” who told me that when they interviewed him he had told them about me and our conversation in the SMU hallway after he played for me that day in 1971.  It was the reason he was inspired to pursue his life in music.  I was just talking to him the way any good teacher would talk to a wild, crazy talented child – “Follow your dreams because obviously God has given you a gift that is so special that if you do, you will bless your family and be so very, very successful.” 

So he did.  

And he was.


by Wally Linebarger 2011 after listening to “Riviera Paradise” with Norm Nelson.
All alone
I sit
And listen to your tears
Crying in your paradise
I remember you…
How did you turn into such a brightness
From your darkness?
I remember you
Crying in my paradise
You gave me
Something so great which
No one
No one
No one
Will ever know how it feels.
I am so amazed
That you remembered me
and in your darkness
You gave me brightness
Which we both have shared
Crying in paradise
With memories of believing in our dreams.
by Wally Linebarger 2011
You were no different
Than all the others
No different except you were kind
You were interested in my opinion
and to spend extra time with me
Just because you saw
Something in me
As special as you
You mastered your music
With amazing brilliance
But you never forgot
Those times we spent after class
Playing our guitars
Our talks
As if you were no different
Than all the other ones
You didn’t know how to reach your dream
And reach your parents
With your music
And with your love
You mostly wanted to show them
That by being the best damn guitar player in the world
Would one day bring them honor
And give them pride
To make up for those times
When they told you
You were just wasting your life away
…how strange to think
That you not only made them proud
You gave me the gift of respect
Instead of casting me into the closet and forgotten
Like your old guitar
We never forgot how you made magic
For eternity
For my personal paradise
Sharing the gift you gave to me
In anonymity





James (J.B.) Neal / James Neal Films

I taught JB (James) at Walden Preparatory School, Addison, Texas, from 1976 to 1978.



3D clip reel 2

3D clip reel 2

This is a music video which JB wrote, filmed and directed with another former Walden Preparatory student, Cliff Price, son of the late Ray Price:   Cliff Price “Makalittleluv”‬




“Jimi Hendrix ’67”





Sam Brown/Visual Artist

I taught Sam at the Walden Preparatory School, Addison, Texas, from 1976 to 1978.


Sam's Studio in Abiquii


Sam drawing with chalk on the sidewalks in Denton, Texas.  Right after this photo was taken he was arrested for vandalism.

Atlantis Spiral


CitiZen of Peac3e




Plaza Blanca Ancestor


Sam's Selfie


Selfie with the Universe




 Jon Price / Filmmaker

I taught Jon and his wife Susie (Rufus) at the Walden Preparatory School from 1976-78.

Susie & Jon











Walden yearbook

Jon (bottom right) with me… he was one of my very first students in a 8mm filmmaking class.

Jon was the editor of “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” (the movie) as well as “The Ant Bully”

Ant Bully

Jon is now the Director of Post Production at Disney TV Animation Studios.



Jon & Susie with Duck Tales

Duck Tales Producer


Jon with family (Susie)




Logan Stollenwerck III / Sculptor

I taught Logan at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas from 1979-1980.

Logan acting crazy with his wife Cheryl just laughing it off.


Copy of IMG_0094


Copy of IMG_0462


Walt Whitman0008






Chip Hagen/Commercial Photographer

I taught Chip at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas, 1979-1982.

Chip Hagen Studio

Chip 2017










Communion 1


Apple Tart




GeorgeAnn Shafer / Shafer Studio

I taught GeorgeAnn at Trinity Christian Academy from 1979-1983.!/PaintBlankCanvas?sk=info



End of Day












GeorgeAnn - Pathways




 Jon Millet / Head of Visual Arts, TCA / Artist

I taught Jon at Trinity Christian Academy from 1979-1983.


Superhero, Lace and Tanks




Jon Millet, Caroline Crockett & Robert McGraw

Jon Millet, Caroline Crockett Kneese and Robert McGraw at Cerulean Gallery-Dallas – all 3 former students from Trinity Christian Academy and Ursuline Academy.




Don Relyea / Artist, Futurist, Technologist

Art, Video Art, Interactive Projects & Music

I taught Don at Trinity Christian Academy from 1979-1985.













Thor Johnson / Multi-media & Performance Artist

I taught Thor at Trinity Christian Academy from 1980 to 1985.


Artwork by Dwayne Carter

Comic Book Illustration by Dwayne Carter

Biography     Thoriffic!     Top 5 Most Twisted Artists in Dallas    100 Dallas Creatives       “Machine Gun Nose”      The Post-Apocalyptic Art of Thor Johnson     Artsy

Robot Prostitute

Art Fungus!!!

My puppet show at the Nasher Sculpture Center — with Amanda Vega Silverman and Paul Winker at Nasher Sculpture Center.My puppet show at the Nasher Sculpture Center — with Amanda Vega Silverman and Paul Winker at Nasher Sculpture Center 2





Christen Crews Christie / Art Educator

I taught Christen at Trinity Christian Academy – Addison from 1980 to 1985.  She also taught art at Trinity after graduation from college.!/media/set/?set=a.2618087214442.146876.1322995576&type=1

Christen Crews





  Christen art & students


Copy of Don, Christen & Chip
Don Relyea, Christen (Crews) Christie, and Chip Wagoner – all former students at Trinity Christian Academy.



Jonathan Ingram/Ingram Design

I taught Jonathan at Trinity Christian Academy Class, Addison, Texas from 1982-1988.


 Andy Galloway/Filmmaker

I taught Andy at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas, 1979-1988





The Eviction




Jason Benjamin/Painter

I taught Jason at The Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, New York, 1988-89.

Jason Benjamin2

Considered by many to be the greatest Australian artist of all time.



















Tiffanie Phillips/Art Educator

I taught Tiffanie at Trinity Christian Academy from 1984-1990.  She is presently teaching art at Trinity.

 Kellie CA (Weaver)/Artist

Kellie (Weaver) Cashon





Kellie (Weaver) Cashon Raku Mask



Lori Pearson Brennan/Photographer & Graphic Designer

I taught Lori at Trinity Christian Academy from 1986-1990.







David Connolly/Art Educator-Artist

I taught David at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas, 1988-90.


David and Janice Connolly



Matthew Akers/Mud Puppy Films

I taught Matthew at Trinity Christian Academy, Addison, Texas, 1980-1990.

Snorri's Bath, Reykholt by Matthew Akers


Trash heap near the original Þingvellir on Snæfellsnes by Matthew Akers




A dead whale washed up at a volcanic beach on Snæfellsnes by Matthew Akers


Jean D'Arc — with Jean Smokehouse Coleman by Matthew Akers


Matt Akers in NYC Subway with pr of his movie Circus



Gretta Eberhart Arzate/Art Educator

I taught Gretta at Trinity Christian Academy from 1990-1991.

Trinity Christian Academy Class of 1994





Arthur James aka Artman / Artist

I taught Arthur at Trinity Christian Academy from 1979-1987.


Artman Arthur James





8-Son House _ Blues Player



Jack Johnson(old)



HarryDeanStanton(sm) (1)




Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.42.43 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.44.19 PM

Adria (Johnson) Warner/Art Educator / Ceramicist

I taught Adria at Trinity Christian Academy from 1987-1991.!/media/set/?set=a.1922184577636.2113975.1332739941&type=3

Art Students & Faculty








Broken Cistern Series





Bryan Embry/Ross Akard Gallery

I taught Bryan at Trinity Christian Academy from 1988-1990.

Trinity Christian Academy Class of 1995

Bryan Embry at rossakardgallery_kimbooher2010





Pin Show directors Bryan Embry, Julie McCullough, and Mike Thompson



Gina (Sibrizzi) Dunn / Utopia Parkway Arts / Painter

I taught Gina at Ursuline Academy from 1993-1997.







Amy Always Kept Fresh Gladiolas on the Table


You Brighten My Soul




Caroline Crockett Kneese/Owner of Cerulean Gallery, Dallas & Amarillo, Texas

I taught Caroline at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, Texas from 1995-1997.





Jon Millet, Caroline Crockett & Robert McGraw

Jon Millet (TCA), Caroline Crockett Kneese (Ursuline Academy) and Robert McGraw (TCA) – all three former students.

Kris Norvett/Musical & Cultural Events Producer

I taught Kris at Ursuline Academy of Dallas, Texas, 1995-97.

dj cassidy for ren hotels_ren hotel denver_2014

paul mccartney at the apollo siriusxm nyc 2010

Kris Norvet by Alexis Meyn
Ursuline Academy Class of 1999

17 thoughts on “My Dedication and My Legacy – Some of My Former Students”

  1. This is really cool Mr. Linebarger. I hope it gives you a warm fuzzy to know you helped these people discover their talents. That is only a part of what teaching is all about 🙂 Thank you for being my teacher a long long time ago!
    Katie Williams-Bulota
    (former TCA and Ursuline student class of 1996)

  2. It is cool, Katie… It’s also cool that we crossed paths in two places… I guess we were meant to know each other… it is truly a blessing for you to remind me that I was used to facilitate some really amazing creativity…but all this is due to the fabulous teachers I had who inspired me as well. That will be my next blog… so, anyway, dude… watsup??? lol Love you Katie!!

  3. Wow. HOW INCREDIBLY COOL to be a part of this group, and to see how many paths you helped shape! I cannot wait to explore each ‘students’ work, and to think you were a big part of that must make your heart feel so content and rich.
    Look at your legacy! 🙂
    Ps. I love that one of my good friends since age 11 and fellow graduate of TCA class of 1989 is on here too (Tiffanie)… All those late night creative skits and pranks on her older brother and sister must of really shaped who we are today. Ha ha!

    1. Ha! I love this too! I sure wish we had those plaster geese we made with Wally….remember the baloons that we filled w plaster and sculpted? And if I could get my hands on our old films I’d be giddy!

  4. This looks great! Not sure if you want to add me or not: middle school art teacher. 🙂

    1. YES!! I wasn’t sure what you were up to these days… now I will explore your world for clues!! (I love you, too!)

  5. Wally, you are amazing. Your legacy of students speaks volumes for your abilities as an Arts Educator. What a beautiful way to catalogue your life’s work, by shining a light upon those who you have taught. But, I would expect nothing less from you. Keep shining. You are truly one of a kind and I am humbled to be included among this group of people whose lives you forever changed. I love you!

  6. Wally, I wish you lived here! How wonderful to hear from you! Did you know that my daughter, Christin, graduated from Booker T. in 1997? (I may be wrong about that.) Then she went to Kansas City Arts Institute, where she obtained a BFA in Painting. She worked for a leading art gallery there and then followed her boyfriend to Orlando and landed a job at the Walt Disney Animation Studio, which moved to LA soon afterwards. Her husband, Paul Briggs, was the lead story artist on Frozen, and now he has been made Director. Christin is an artist, specializing in conceptual art. She was recognized in New American Paintings three years in a row as an emerging artist. Presently, she is designing interiors for Disney clients, so she is taking her art to another level.

    I am still writing and performing. In the past eight months, I have written three narrative nonfiction essays and performed them in a storytelling series in Dallas at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. One was written up in Huffington Post! I am trying to transition from journalism to other mediums.

    I do miss working at Learning About Me with you and others. Of all my teachers, you were the best. Wally, you could do anything. From studio art, to creative movement, drama, storytelling, and more. Your energy was boundless and you gave so much to each child. It was an honor to work with you. I hope you are doing well. Please write me a note.

    All my best,

    Pam Stone Ciaccio

  7. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise to find your post this morning. I think of you often. I love to tell stories to people “about the time” I used to crawl around on the floor discovering new worlds with four year olds during my stint at Learning About Me. I loved developing the curriculum with you. I even adapted the idea of exploring various countries based on their culture for high school students. I taught for many years a class which integrated art history with making art from that period of time (i.e. Roman art with actual fresco painting). I was inspired throughout my teaching career by things you were so committed to.

    Even though I lost contact with you somewhere between having children, changing schools and moving around, I never lost contact with that wonderful period of my life which was my “Pam” experience. Gosh, it is a little overwhelming to think how many hours we spent together planning, working, laughing, trying to make some money at doing what we loved. Thank you for all those “Pam” times. I cherish them with all my heart.

    I remember Christan as just a baby, now a professional! My three girls are spread out all over the continent – Sarah moved to NYC, had a one-woman show on Broadway, performed in “Chorus Line”, travelled to China as lead singer to 722 (a rock band) and now is bartending for Duane Park Burlesque in New York. Karen is an architectural designer in Dallas. Catherine graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts for filmmaking, moved to L.A. to work for Disney, producer at Fox Studios and now is on the production team at CBS for “Madame Secretary.” Deni has been teaching drama (she got her masters in drama at U of Chicago) and some music at the Fairhill School in Dallas. Deni, Sarah and Karen (with her new husband, Dhenmark) came to visit me in Missouri for my birthday this past summer. I talk to all my girls almost every day.

    I am presently painting in my studio in Jefferson City, Missouri, to prepare for a show at the Cerulean Gallery in Amarillo this coming year. I moved here almost ten years ago to help take care of my father who died of Alzheimer’s. That was a life-changing experience of healing for me. I also have developed a multitude of health issues due to a multitude of events, many of which weren’t all un-fun! LOL I am now in month 3 of a 6 month chemotherapy process for Hepatitis C. Not very fun. When this is over I am committed to decide for the fourth or fifth time “what do I want to be when I grow up?” Yes, I still am more akin to Peter Pan than to Old Man River. I also have written a few things for Huffington Post which got me a live “on the air” interview with Al Jazeera Media Network. I rather like painting to talking on the air.

    I would love to hear your voice if you ever get a chance. Call me anytime (my schedule is erratic and crazy and loopy, so anytime means literally “anytime.”) at 573 616 1977.

    I will love you forever.

  8. I don’t know if you taught any of these girls but here are some Ursuline artists off the top of my head….:
    Diana Walsh
    Lauren Brown
    Gretchen Stewart
    Lacy VanCourt
    Danielle Daboub
    Carrie Yeargan

  9. Thanks Wally!!! I love you! You’re the main reason I didn’t leave TCA and go to Arts Magnet.

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