Past Work

In 2002 I was living in a house in Denison, Texas, where I was designing and rebuilding a partially burned-down home.  Unfortunately while I was visiting a friend in Bonham, Texas, the house burned down again destroying everything I owned – all my clothes, my tools, art supplies, furniture, books, photo albums, heirlooms and all of my artwork.  I don’t have copies of most of them, including the best paintings I have ever done.  These are the only copies I have of some of them:

Snow Trees with Shadows 2

“Snow Trees”  Acrylic on board, 36″ x 48″




The Fool, The King Wisdom and I

“The King, the Fool, Wisdom and I” oils on canvas, 24: x 30″



scan0003 (2)

“Chair without Brent, Anyway”  oils on canvas, 52″ x 50″



Walt Whitman0005

“Confirmation of Libby Russ”  graphic arts film, watercolor and colored pencil, 8″ x 12″




“Green with Leaf”  Oils on canvas, 48″ x 36″



Red with Green Sky

“Red with Sky”  oils on canvas, 50″ x 36″



“Hay Bales Diptych” watercolor on board, 40″ x 12″