Art Commissions

Passion on the Rocks installed

“Passion on the Rocks”  Oils on Canvas  40″ x 52″

In the collection of Mary Wayman Barrett



Snow Trees #1 001 - Copy

“Snow Trees #1”  Oils on Canvas  40″ x 24″

In the collection of Chris J. Smith



Moon Dreams

“Moon Dreams”  Oils on Canvas  30″ x 40″

In the collection of Dawn Carmichael



Commissions begin at $750 with 50% up front and remainder on completion.  Prices are determined by size, materials and process.  Shipping costs are extra (usually around $100 to $600 or more).

I will paint on canvas, paper, wood or walls.  I can use oils, acrylics, watercolors, enamel or latex. Work above are some of my most recent work which has sold.

I am especially excited about using texture in my work which could include modeling paste, joint compound (spackle), collage, wood or metal.  Below is an example of one of my latest pieces:

Eclipse 002

“Eclipse”  Oils on Canvas with wood and collage, 30″ x 40″

For Sale    $3000




“Stream of Life”  Resurrected objects from Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas, 52″ x 14″

For Sale    $6000




“Dagger through My Heart”  Wood, 6″ x 30″

For Sale    $1000





  1. What kind of mood or feeling do you want to have when you look at the work of art?  I am an abstract artist, so I am not interested in painting “things” as much as “feelings” or expressions of an idea.
  2. Where do you want to hang it?  What are the shapes around the space? What are the colors? How big is it?  I have done many murals as large as a room and as small as 8 feet x 4 feet.  I do not work smaller than 24″ x 30″.
  3. How would you describe your present style, period or motif in your home and in the specific room and furniture?  I am mostly very organic, not geometric.  I like asymmetrical over symmetrical.  My paintings are usually extremely emotional and intense.  My work is usually not appropriate for environments which need to be placid and unprovocative.  Please attach photographs of your office or home for my reference.
  4. Did you have a specific subject matter in mind?  I am an abstract expressionist.  I mainly paint landscapes in a very abstract manner.  I also work from live models, chairs and fences.  Do any of these appeal to you?  I do not copy photographs of friends, family, pets or a favorite car or motorcycle.  I use photographs only for references to a composition which I create.
  5. Who is your favorite painter or sculptor?  I only use this information as a point of reference.  For instance, if you said Monet, Georgia O’Keefe, Wassily Kandinsky or of course Vincent van Gogh, then no problem.  If you said Millet or something photo-realistic, then you probably need to ask another artist.  I am not a commercial artist nor open to copying any other artist.
  6. What are you favorite songs, groups or types of music? This determines a lot about the style and design.  I try to include music into my work, even if it’s not my choice to listen to while I paint.  I listen to a variety of music myself, but when I work I only listen to music which inspires me.  Right now it’s been mostly Alejandro Aranda (Scarypoolparty).  Listen to his “Sun Stop Shining” or “No Puedo Vivir sin Ti”… actually anything he does.  Find him on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.  I also listen to contemporary music such as Avicii, Shawn Mendes, Sia or Florence & The Machine.
  7. What is your budget?  I charge according to the project.  For instance a small, super difficult subject matter or technique is far more expensive than a large, very easy and inexpensive technique.  I care about each piece as a unique example of my style.  The cost of shipping varies from $100 to $600 or more according to size and weight.
  8. Did you have a specific deadline in mind?  It can take me a month or more to create each idea.  It can take from 1 month to a year to create each piece.  It takes from a month to 9 months for oil paints to dry.  I have to wait for each piece to totally dry until I can ship it.  The thicker the paint, the longer it takes to dry.  Water-based paints usually dry overnight.









From top left clockwise:

“Snowrise” oils, 30″ x 40″ in the collection of Dale Bruemmer; “Serenity” oils, 30″ x 40″ in the collection of Thom Switzer; “New Life Sunrise” oils, 36″ x 48″ in the collection of Karen Padecio; “August Gust” watercolors, 24″ x 30″ in the collection of Dale Bruemmer“Snow Trees Series #2” oils, 30″ x 40″ in the collection of GeorgeAnn Shafer; “Snow Trees Series #1” oils, 24″ x 30″ in the collection of Chris J. Hayes.



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